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yorkie with a stethoscope

Corvallis OR Animal Hospital Tour

  • puppy playing in lobby
  • veterinary exam room
  • bearded dragonhaving x-ray exam
  • bird beign examined by vetrinarian
  • cat being rubbed by veterinarian
  • cat pre-surgery exam on table
  • chameleon having temperature taken by veterinarian during exam
  • chickens eating on exam table
  • cat having temperature taken by veterinarian
  • cockatoo having weight measured
  • diagnostics labratory
  • dog after surgery with view of green field
  • dog balancing on fitness board
  • dog being checked for pain
  • dog being massaged
  • dog on table
  • dog being operated on by surgeons with lasers
  • operating room
  • dog sitting for treat in lobby
  • hedgehog enjoying himself in vets hands
  • hedgehog having heart listened to
  • leopard gecko in hands smiling
  • senior dog exam
  • two collies eating treats
  • woman with dog in lobby

The Art of Progressive Veterinary Care
The Heart of Compassion

“Once again, excellent service and genuine care for our 13 year old lab. We know we are in great hands at West Hills! Thank you!”

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